Wolf Creek Ranch Natural, holistic, organic people, pet, plant, and animal health products that REALLY work!
Natural Organic Health Care Products for People, Pets, & Plants     
(951) 674-0921 / Fax (951) 674-9998
Adizone & Adizone-C
Adrenal Energy Formula
Amber Glass Bottles
Basic Zapper - Copper Discs
Bentonite Clay Detox
Black Walnut
BP Balance Formula
Breathe Deeply
Bronchial Formula
C & F Seasonal Support
Carticil Plus
Clik Stick
Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver - Woodstock Herbal Products
Derma NERV
(DE) Diatomaceous Earth
DE~ Crawling Insect Control
Essiac Tea
Flea & Mite Control Kits
Flea Free Food Supplement
Fly Free Food Supplement
Hawthorn & Dandelion
Hikers' Friend Insect Repellent
Hikers' Guard Deet-Free
Icelandic Kelp Meal
Imutek Colostrum - 5
Internal Gold Detox Kit
Jergon Sacha
Kidney Bladder Formula
Kidney Rejuvenator
Kochi Free
Life Cell Support
Liver Gallbladder Formula
Lung Formula
MP Oil
Milk Thistle
Numo Care
Otaxium Ear Drops
Para-Stop Formula
Performacide Disinfectant
Pet Care Kits
Pet's C&C
Pet Skin Cream
Pet Vision Eye Drops
Redmond Trace Mineral Salt
Reptaid & Reptaid XL
Senior Vitaltiy Kit
Sinus Nasal Wash
Super Immune Formula
Terminator Zapper
Throat Soothe
Tossa K
Turmeric & Boswellia Joint Formula
Vibactra Plus
Zapper Strapper
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Amber Tech Dealer Opportunities
If you are interested in becoming an Amber Tech dealer in your area, please contact us. Amber Tech's Nutraceuticals for Pet's products are helping 1000's of pets and animals heal from disease every year. We are always looking for great people who care about pets and are interested in helping to make a difference. Please E-Mail Us for more information.
Available Positions
Part-Time Office Assistant Position
Description -- Answer phones, photo copy, filing, set appointments, e-mails, handle Facebook account, etc. If interested, please E-mail us your resume.
Part-time Website Designer
Description -- Create and update website pages using HTML. If interested, please E-mail us your resume.
What are we looking for?
Responsible, honest, caring people who love and enjoy animals. People looking outside the traditional medicine box with holistic health experience or the desire to learn.
We offer a challenging and fast paced environment with room for growth and possible business partnership opportunities.
Hugs, Howls, Meows, Health, & Happiness,
Julie, Brad, Journey, Dan, Janit, Amanda, Steve, Mary, Justin, & Critters
Wolf Creek Ranch

Holistic Health Benefits
Our customer testimonials speak for themselves and our holistic health business is growing by leaps and bounds.

Working with people and their pets is very rewarding, especially when traditional medicine is often unable to heal dis-ease as effectively as these natural remedies can and do.